I recently bought a VERY original and underserviced 03 Corvette, (It has 10.208 miles on the car, and still has the tires put on at the Bowling Green Factory) And I am getting on the DIC panel 3 messages 1. Service active handling 2. service traction control 3. Service ABS Now we're narrowed the ABS down to what we believe a faulty right front Hub bearing, Not positive, but we think that is the culprit and then the other 2 messages. Problem is the BCM and the ECM has not stored any trouble codes, I had expected to see a PO something, but there is nothing there ? So since it has a poor health battery I'm putting in a new fresh battery but the 3 DIC messages persist. Other than the RF hub, what else should I be looking at ? Without trouble codes it's like throwing darts in total darkness ?

Thank you,