I have a 2001 C5 Corvette Z06 with Service Vehicle Soon in the DIC when I start the car. In addition the Traction Control, ABS, and Check Engine lights are on in the dash. The below codes were obtained from the DIC code recovery system.
The car has 73,073 miles. The traction control and active handling lights started coming on in March 2022 with the message to Service Vehicle Soon. The check engine light came on yesterday.
The HVAC does not work when the car is started. The HVAC does operate intermittently while the car is driven.
The dealer sent the ABS unit to ABS Fixer for repair in October 2019 to fix code C1214.
Any repair/troubleshooting guidance would be appreciated. Thanks for any and all help.
12/11/2021 3/13/2022 Service 3/27/2022 Service 5/26/2022
Vehicle Soon Vehicle Soon
10 PCM P1571H P1571 H C P1571 H P0135 HC P0141 HC P0155 HC
P1689H P1689 H P0161 HC P1571 HC P1689 HC
28 TCS C1277H No Comm No Comm No Comm

40 BCM B0432H C B0432 H C B0432 H C B0432 HC

58 SDM U1040H U1040 H C U1040 H C U1040 HC

60 IPC No Codes No Codes No Codes U1040 H

80 RADIO No Codes No Codes No Codes No Codes

99 HVAC No Codes No Comm No Comm No Comm

A0 LDCM No Codes No Codes No Codes No Codes

A1 RDCM No Codes No Codes No Codes No Codes

B0 RFA U1064H U1064 H U1000 H U1000 H
U1064 H U1064 H
Service Traction Sys Service Traction Sys
Service Active HNDLG Service Active HNDLG
Check Engine Light