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Thread: Sold the Corvette yesterday

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    Default Sold the Corvette yesterday

    Not really happy right now. But with the increase in prices for used cars especially it seems Corvettes it just made sense. Money is in the bank and will add to it over the next 2 years so I can get a late 2023 or early 2024. Looking forward to the C8 but I will miss the C7.

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    2015 Stingray Z51 w/ Magnetic Ride Control & 8-speed Automatic. Sold 6/19/2021

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    The pricing on c5, c6 and c7 s are so high how could anyone not take advantage if a person is considering an 8 th generation.

    Personally I couldnt wait until 2024 so Id suggest a 2023 calendar year..whether its a model year 2023 or 2024 ...

    I would consider the wide world of c8 z51 s as the c8 z06 becomes available. Also Id consider the c8 z06 or maybe the upcoming E Ray. The rumors are the E ray will be the quickest corvette c8 with zero to sixty times under 2.5 seconds.

    Im nit a hybrid lover ...yet Im being forced to admire the performance being delivered.

    Fwiw im at 7k miles in my c8 z51 and I really have nit even been able to fully explore the high levels of performance..

    This rear mid engine layout really plants the power down to the road better than any previous generation of corvettes,youll be quite pleased even as awesome as the c7 z51 you had.

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