The only sports car or even cuv NOT running an R compound tire and still they love it.

I dont know exactly how much time would be made up with an R compound tire so Ill leave that up to those in the know.

For the track I believe a 9,5 inch front wheel and around a 275 or 285/30/19 tire is suggested for hest times.

R compound will be show in grand sport and z06 model.

As a daily driver the michelin P4S is an awesome everyday tire.

The R compounds are too slick when used as a daily driver tire. I think with the exception of these comparision tests the P4S is showing to be an excellent everyday high performance tire.

The option of a wider front wheel and R compound tire needs to become an option.

The 8.5 tire on a 8,5 inch wheel upfront makes tramlining a thing of the past which is excellent for street performance. On the track comparisions an R compound wider wheel and tire up front is suggested.

The 305 in the back should be fine again..just a guess on my part.

Im sure 325 rear tires are coming but not sure if its needed along with a wider rear wheel other than to keep active handling from going bonkers from the factory z51 settings.

The 30 series profile up front probably makes the c8 more susceptible to road hazards like potholes and since the c7 guys were chasing GM in a bullshit lawsuit...GM walked the ultimate handling wheel tire package back for the c8.

Im waiting for a nice larger front wheel and tire pack if it ever comes out before I buy new wheels amd tires amd the price should be similiar to whats out there no in the aftermarket...

The current crop of aftermarket wheels are pretty hut need in my opinion to be capable of tires bigger than 245 s and not set off active handling.

Just car geeking the conversation.

Hope you enjoy tje video