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Thread: Maximum Safe Oil Pressure

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    Default Maximum Safe Oil Pressure

    I bought a Vette with a high-compression (11.4:1) Lingenfelter LS2 engine nominally rated at 570 HP. For some reason, it has a helical (not flat) dipstick which makes it virtually impossible to get an accurate oil-level reading; no matter how careful I am when I pull it out, it smears oil instead of leaving a straight horizontal line. As you might imagine, that makes it very difficult to determine whether I've put in too much oil when I do an oil change. So here's my question: When I start the engine cold, what PSI reading would indicate overfill? Right now it starts out at 80, but goes down to a hair over 40 at idle after it warms up. Should I be concerned about the 80, i.e., should I drain some oil out?

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    HI there,

    #1 , I apologize for the delay.

    #2, I usually roughen up the dipstick with some scotch-brite to allow the oil to grip the roughness and will help in reading the stick.

    #3, I am not worried about your oil pressure, however, Lingenfelter would be your best source for accurate information about the engineered level of oil pressure. Maybe they modify the oil pump, I do not know.

    Please let us know how you make out, allthebest, Paul
    GM World Class Certified Service Technician.
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