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Thread: 2003 c5 z06

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    Default 2003 c5 z06

    been dealing with a column lock issue- got all the codes to clear - when i turn on the key - display reads remove wait 10 seconds- put key back in - reset no codes but i still get the column lock on display still get a shut off, check for any code and there are none-and cannot drive it- not driven very much- this is a 50th ann. edition= only 27000 actual miles - sweet drive but need help with how to repair this issue-- Thanks Rick

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    I removed the whole thing on my 02
    Problem fixed

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    Fwiw..I had a c5 z06 and had a column lock issue as you described. I found that replacing the battery solved my problem.

    The C5 and C6 are very sensitive to voltage dips and that could set off DIC messages such as this or service active handling.

    I always recommend starting off with the simplist solutions.

    Good.kuck deciding what to do.

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    HI there,

    Also, please confirm that the recall was done at GM.

    The feedback relay that is installed at the recall can create inaccurate signals.

    If your battery has more than 12.5 volts and the battery terminals are clean and torqued to 11 ft lbs, I would inspect for that relay and REMOVE IT COMPLETELY!

    Column lock bypass can create internal BCM failures so I DO NOT recommend that course of action.

    Allthebest, Paul
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