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Thread: Charity CarsNCoffee lambo parks next to me and says........(worth a laugh)

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    Default Charity CarsNCoffee lambo parks next to me and says........(worth a laugh)

    So we arrive at a cars and coffee charity event..,there are so many lamborghini huracans, ferrari 430s, 488s, f8s, mclaren 570s, 620s, 650s and even a senna (million dollar car)

    It was filled with beautiful porsches, jaguars, aston martins, mercedes amg gts and other great cars.

    Lots of fun...we brought canned food and had a good time.

    The funny part was while walking around these three hurancan owners were going off how they didnt like the new ferrari f8 pista because of the dull interior and engine sound. It was pretty passionate dislike. Me being me...i was like hey they are both awesome cars...which threw them off their game a bit..lthen they managed later on to stop over at my corvette and go on to tell me my car was really quick to about 80 or 100 mph and then it would begin to fall off compared to the lambo hurican parked next to my car.

    I just smiled and started to laugh a bit and said i dont do much driving these days over 100 mph so Im good...

    The very nice but strange Lambo owner told me I had to sell my corvette c8 thats about 6 weeks old to buy the z06 version because the pistons went sideways as opposed to up and down at an angle...and he moved his arms in the direction je tought a flat plan crank would be going....side to side versus up and down.

    I just smiled and told this very nice gentleman that his lambo was a beautiful exotic and to enjoy his amazing huracan ..i really meant it...there was no reason he should feel anything but wonderful about his beautiful quarter of a million dollar huracan, the c8 creates a lot of excitment. When the c8 z06 comes out ...a lot of heads are going to explode.

    For those interested the c8 was quite the star at the show and their were beautiful cirvettes of many generations ...a 66 couoe with 88k miles, beautiful c5 s, c6 s and c7s...

    The corvettes made a nice showing of so many generations.

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    I hope you were kidding about the Lambo owner and the flat plane crankshaft.

    If not, then just another case of too much money and not enough brains, again.......
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    Glad you enjoyed the story. Overall everyone at the event even this gentleman were good hearted..

    I was like well most of my driving is done under 100mph so Im good and it is true over 80 or 100 mph most exotics like the beautiful lamborghinis and ferraris do accelerate faster ...

    Im ok with that being true and again itll be true the c8 z06 remedy that situation over 80 or 100 mph.

    One weird aspec of the c8 even with npp is windows up...the cabin is so quiet you dont hear the stock exhaust.

    GM really didnt want any engine compartment noise in the c8 cabin windows up.

    Its quite different than previous generations.

    Im hearing a lot of c8 owners agree with this assessment.

    Previous generations are being sought by many c8 owners ..

    I hear prices of c5, c6 and c7 s are running quite a bit higher these days.

    Might be one of the many reasons why...

    I especially like your black c5 convertible in your signature....

    Nice wheels too!
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