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Thread: I drive my first c8 yesterday..pretty cool

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    Default I drive my first c8 yesterday..pretty cool

    PMy viper buddy got a new wife and she rented him a c8 today for his birthday.

    They came by and insisted I drive the c8..

    nice car. Very pretty. 11k miles on it so a little pedal action was appropriate..

    quick that transmission is wild. The 500 ponies cool. The body work is sexy...roof off is fun..

    its a standard c8 non z51 and handled and RODE wonderfully...Very smooth nvh compared to previous gens...with the roof off and the sun...I couldnsee jack out the back mirror.. too many reflections but it was a sunny day...with the camera it was easier to see ...

    i think its the sun and the double pane of glass..? Might just be the time of day.

    not a big deal as the side mirrors are awesome...just took a mimute to get used to no view backwards in the direct sunlight...and the roof off.

    the handling and turn is is a joy...obviously I didnt beat this car..but these are my insights.

    transmissions awesome...exterior rumbles, cool, quiet inside even with roof off...handled great..rode luxuriously...suspemsion was nice and tight even without z51...or mrc...

    the two tone 2 or 3 lt interior was nice black and red with white exterior and black trident wheels...

    Im still smiling 3 hours later..

    no problem at stock jeight getting over speed bumps...although trying the front lift was interesting as well.

    big win for my friends beautiful new wife....tons of brownie points from the peanut gallery...

    Not that she needs it and we re just kidding around...

    nice wife to surprise her husband for his 61 st birthday ..he is a good guy.and shes a cool chick too.

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    So far I have only see the rear end of 1 on the freeway. Hope to get a closer look at one soon.
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    I’ve seen a few in my area. Kind of hard to tell if it was a Vette from the front angle, but as soon as they passed no doubts. Very cool vehicles.......
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