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Thread: C6 sticks in park

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    I searched threads & couldn’t find if there was a recall. On occasion lately, and I know it will soon likely fail, I cannot shift out of park. I remove my foot from the brake, wiggle the shifter, hold the brake again and it works. Before it fails me what do you suggest (2010 Grand Sport automatic, over 100,000 miles). Thank you.

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    HI there,tel

    The shifter assembly brake transmission shift interlock solenoid may be faulty. This is within the shifter control assembly.

    Do this simple check, when you have this issue, check to assure that your brake lights turn on IMMEDIATELY when you press the brake pedal, this will tell you that the BODY CONTROL MODULE received the signal. This module also allows the shifter to move.

    If you have brake lights, you most likely will need a shifter assembly.

    Allthebest, Paul
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    Thank you so much for info.

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