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Thread: C1296 and C1287 Codes Popping Up. Cause?

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    Default C1296 and C1287 Codes Popping Up. Cause?


    My 02 C5 base started getting the "service active handling" message intermittently. Pulled the codes and got C1296 (master cylinder pressure sensor circuit). Seemed to appear randomly but it was never consistent. I would just clear the code and move on but as months went by, the code became more frequent. Now, I get two codes at start up every time, as soon as I turn my wheel all the way in either direction. I also get a "service vehicle soon" message. I now have the code C1296 but also C1287 (steering sensor rate malfunction). Car doesn't seem to be any different to drive so far.

    Can anyone tell me what may be causing these codes? Thank you!

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    I believe that the C1287 is the steering wheel position sensor (hand wheel in the service manual) really common in GM cars

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    HI there,

    C1287 is as posted above. Steering wheel position sensor correlation issue. Now, you can do a few things

    #1, you can disconnect the connection and reconnect it and see if the code resets. Sometimes, oxidation of the terminals creates this issue.

    #2, there MAY be a programming update depending on your VIN for this condition as well.

    C1296 is usually due to the pressure sensor mounted to the brake traction control module shorts out.

    This sensor is available separately and the most critical aspect of replacement is correct TORQUE on the sensor to the brake pressure modulator valve.

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