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Thread: EBCM and ABS

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    Default EBCM and ABS

    I sent off my '01's malfunctioning EBCM to be repaired, but the fix didn't really work; it's still throwing codes, and under even moderately hard braking it sometimes randomly locks up one or more wheels, which is a bit more excitement than I need. I really don't care enough about traction control or active handling (which I drove without for five decades) to throw any more money at this, just as long as the ABS works correctly. So my question is this: If I don't find a working replacement module, am I at risk of an ABS malfunction? Or, worded differently, how much is the ABS interconnected with and/or dependent on the EBCM?

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    What codes are coming up and when?

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    Hi there,

    I agree, the diagnostic trouble codes are CRITICAL to accurate assistance.

    Please post them up because alot of people mistake connections for module replacement in cases like these so the codes are the most important detail here.

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    One place to look is the YAW sensor,Check the Yaw Rate Sensor for a missing or loose "Pencil type" bracket. This bracket is supplemental to the main bracket of the Instrument Panel Carrier and is intended to provide extra support. Without this bracket, the sensor will "bounce" under certain road conditions causing the concern. If the bracket is missing part number 10409133 will need to be ordered and installed to correct the concern. It's located under the heater control center console.
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