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Thread: Have to brake to drive below 35MPH

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1953CE View Post
    Thanks to the dealer she will go

    Great site...super people

    You state that the rpms rise to 1100 in gear at idle, try idling the vehicle engine hot, in park, and push on your brake pedal only, see if the rpm's change much. Also pinch off the vacuum line to the brake booster, press on the brake pedal with the engine hot at idle and see if the rpm's change.
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    Back from the dealer...EVERYTHING checks out to the spec 860 idle correct for 02 C5 no codes no ck engine no vac leaks pcv ok
    Recap In Park 850+- in Drive with brake 850 +- let off brake idle goes up to 1050+-= 35 +- MPH
    26.66 dia tires. 2.73 axle. 3.06 1st gear. 1.63 2nd 1.0 3rd 0.7 4th...all the math is close the question is
    Why does the idle go up when under load (in Drive)??
    Is the transmission programable?

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    Sorry, as to the math it appears as though it is running in 3rd gear.....I'm totally confused

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