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    At 70K mile my motor fell apart. My extended GMEPP warranty paid for a new LS7 long block.
    Reliable Chevrolet put the motor in. As as usual they did a great job. The new motor sure feels more powerful than the old one. The first time I jumped on the gas it scared me. What happened? Did the old one just lose a lot of power after 70k miles?

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    HI there,

    While it sounds suspect, I would start by stating the facts of LS7.

    #1, using high octane fuel along with very cool cylinder heads create carbon buildup which can reduce engine performance if not addressed periodically. This reduces spark timing, therefore power output.

    #2, Piston oil cooling jets also keep the pistons cool which can also contribute to carbon build up.

    #3, without knowing what happened or if there was any modifications, I will only say that LS7 is the best naturally aspirated Corvette engine ever in my opinion. I have multiple track ZO6 vehicles with over 100k on the original engines with no internal work. Seals, gaskets and stuff yes, but no heads or long blocks. Also, if they updated the control calibration in the ECM, that could also have bearing.

    Im glad your dealership served you accurately.

    Allthebest, Paul
    GM World Class Certified Service Technician.
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