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Thread: Buzzing Sound from Headlight Assembly Upon Shut Off

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    Default Buzzing Sound from Headlight Assembly Upon Shut Off

    I have a 2000 convertible whose headlights work correctly in the sense that when I turn them on the buckets open upward and the lights illuminate. When I turn them off, the buckets swivel down and the lights go off, but there is a loud buzzing sound from the driver's side assembly which lasts approximately ten seconds. Then the sound stops and everything seems normal. Because the two assemblies rotate properly, the gears that move them do not seem to be striped. The buzzing, or ratcheting, sound bothers me, however. Any ideas on the cause and correction?

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    Hi there,

    You are most likely looking at a stripped out nylon gear within the drivers side headlamp motor actuator.

    It is quite common and can usually be repaired by an aftermarket gear kit or replacement of the entire motor itself.

    If you are handy with hand tools and have a Posidrive 2 and a 10mm wrench, that is usually all it takes.

    NOTE: Watch those white bumper stops, they are critical to the function that they be put back on the brackets correctly.

    Allthebest, Paul
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    I would do both driver and passenger side gears as they both have the same amount of wear time on them.
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