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    Well the car is 4.5yrs old and I know batteries don't last forever in a Corvette so figured I should replace it before I start having issues or get stuck somewhere. So has any other C7 owner had to get a new battery??
    2015 Stingray Z51 w/ Magnetic Ride Control & 8-speed Automatic

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    HI Rob,

    I have done a lot of them.

    My suggestion is to obtain one with high reserve capacity to assist with storage. Higher cold cranking amps means a weaker reserve capacity and inversely, a strong reserve capacity will result in slightly lower cold cranking amps ratings.

    Your 2015 should take a 48 class battery with 615 Cold cranking amps and 110 reserve capacity.

    That being said, my suggestion would be an ACDelco 48PS or GM part number 88865244. This battery carries a 30 month free replacement.

    Just a few points, remember that cleaning the battery terminals on the NEW battery as well as the cable terminals is critical to maximum reliability. Even when new, Lead terminals oxidize over and its important to clean them both prior to installing the terminal ends. The terminals are torqued ONLY TO 44 INCH LBS. Once that is installed, remember to install your battery vent hose. Then, installing your battery positive post electrical connectors. 13mm fasteners are only 80 INCH LBS. The smaller ones are 44 INCH LBS depending on how many you have.

    If you do this, my theory is that you will do fine over time.

    All the best, Paul
    GM World Class Certified Service Technician.
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