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Thread: TCS 28 No communication

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    Are there wire's that go into the unit and back out that could cause a short?

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    HI there,

    My next suggestion is to have someone monitor the fuse when you plug the ABS module back in.

    If it does not pop, have someone monitor it when you turn the ignition to on.

    If it ONLY pops when you turn the ignition on, that would tell me that there is a short to ground within the ABS module.

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    So this morning I tried to do as you asked about putting a fuse in and checking it first without the switch on. The fuse did not blow...Then I turned the switch on...and the fuse didn't blow!!! I started it up and everything was back to normal! I drove my car to work and tried the traction control several times turning it off and then on...and everything was fine...
    Very strange...

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    HI there,

    I would say very strange. This would suggest that there is a possible chaffed wire that might be touching a metal part and shorting out. So from that point, I would suggest tracing the wiring harness from the ABS module back to the electrical center. That is the route it takes and let us know if you find anything.

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    Drove it on rough roads. Checked the wiring...and everything is still ok. It is nice to not see the warning message.

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    So it's been around 3 weeks and still everything is working great! The only thing I can think of that may have caused the fuse to blow is the battery was super low when I tried to start it after it sat for a while. I guess we shall see as time goes by.

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    Have you experienced a Traction Control or ABS event since?

    If not I would find a yard
    (dirt road if you are not worried about chipping) and challenge the traction control system and also the ABS by getting all 4 wheels to lock up

    If there is an internal short within the module you will need another fuse

    Otherwise Paul is correct, you have a chamfered wire that you need to find. Not hard just a good set of eyes and time

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