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Thread: Evaluation of C8, coming soon, ANY QUESTIONS ??????

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    Default Evaluation of C8, coming soon, ANY QUESTIONS ??????

    HI there,

    As most of you know, we will be at Carlisle and NCM 25th anniversary. We will be getting some time to evaluate the car up close and personal, you know how nosey I can be.

    So, that being said, ask your questions here and I will do my best to find the answers for you.

    Post up, and lets dig!!!

    Allthebest, Paul
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    If I were an owner I would be interested to know about service and repairs. What could I do myself with the powertrain in the vehicle such as fluid/filter changes and spark plugs, etc. Also how much labor is involved to pull the powertrain for engine/transmission/differential repairs. I think these might be the biggest concerns an owner would have in a mid engine layout.
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    Ditto what LLC5 has said. I'm also interested in your thoughts on the complexity of the car and its systems.
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    I'd echo the DIY concept. Most of us love working on our cars, even if it's just basic maintenance. But, mid-engine cars have a history of being difficult (and expensive) to maintain.

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