GM took care of this issue by reprogramming the body control module to NOT look at the steering column lock control module or lock actuator.

18-NA-346 Vehicle Will Not Start and/or Service Electronic Steering Column Lock System Message Displayed on Driver Information Center

Some customers may comment on the vehicle not starting and/or a Service Electronic Steering Column Lock System message being displayed on the Driver Information Center (DIC).

Note: The steering wheel may not turn when this condition occurs.

CAUSE: This condition may be caused by the electronic steering column module failing to send the correct signal to the BCM.

CORRECTION: Replace the steering column lock plate (1) with the new plate (2), and update the BCM with the new utility file.

There are those who do not install the lock plate, while it is not recommended, it can be done.

This is for ONLY US/CANADA and 2005 Manual cars only