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Thread: 2005 Corvette Communications Issues

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    Default 2005 Corvette Communications Issues

    Hello, I purchased a 2005 Corvette late last year with about 74k miles and is pretty good condition overall. I have done a few things to improve braking including new and upgraded rotors/pads and new tie rod ends and an axle back exhaust to appreciate the LS2. All good at that point but about 2-months ago I started to get DIC messages including ""Service Active Handling", "Shocks Inoperative","Service Traction Control", "Service ABS", etc., etc. This problem has gotten much worse of late and engine check light stays on.

    At this point I took the car to the GM dealer and for an agreed amount than ran scans on the car. The long and short of that is that they found a number of communications faults such as U1017, U1000, U2100, U2105, U2107 and U2108. There are a few others as well however I expect you get the idea. They suggested that this is a "communications wiring short". They checked various grounds and connections but were unable to find the issue. They are asking for a much bigger financial commitment from me in order to sort the issue.

    Does anybody have any idea(s) on how I can locate this fault ?


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    Hi there,

    I actually may have a solution for your issue on this particular case.

    If you are able to lift the carpet on the passenger side, you will see the audio amplifier from Bose on the left and on the right is the body control module.

    Disconnect your negative battery cable PRIOR to doing ANYTHING ELSE!!!!! This is critical to assure no damage occurs. Allow the vehicle to sit for about 15 mins.

    From this point, you will need to DISCONNECT the 2 lever lock connectors on the front of the body control module, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REMOVE THE MODULE!!!!!

    This is done by using a small flat blade screw driver to lift the GREY tab lever and that will lift the connector UP from the module. FYI, ONLY PULL STRAIGHT UP!!!! DO NOT ROCK THE CONNECTOR!!!!

    Then, reconnect the module connectors by pushing them straight down, seat them fully by pulling the grey lever lock over and seat it flush on the connector.

    Reconnect your negative battery cable and torque to 71 inlbs. You will have to reindex the windows.

    Let us know how you make out.

    Allthebest, Paul

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