Unless someone has been living under a rock, Iím sure we all know that a new NSX came out three years ago. Iíve been through all the training, both on the sales end and the service end of things. Iíve toured the assembly plant and seen the build process firsthand. Part of the training, we all learned that it would be like no car that Honda has ever built. Very different design and construction techniques compared to a Honda Accord, Acura MDX, or even the old NSX. They were talking about an aluminum space frame with a central backbone tunnel, comprised of stamped, extruded, an even ablation (sand tempered) cast sections. Magnesium subframe elements. Bolt on body of a variety of materials. This is all very new and will require very special techniques to repair the vehicle.

New? Ha. Sounded like a Corvette to me!

Now we have a mid engine Corvette coming. Some of the elements of the frame look like it has some large cast sections where the suspension mounts to it...just like the new NSX. Weíve got a tall central tunnel that obviously doesnít house a propeller shaft or exhaust system...just like the new NSX. Got a deep composite trunk box behind the engine...jus...OK thatís actually just like the Fiero I had 25 years ago.

So Iím pretty sure itís a safe speculation that the more or less unused center tunnel will eventually be used for an electronics package for hybrid operation. And the ďfrunkĒ will drastically shrink or completely go away to make room for electric motors up front. When this new hybrid Corvette shows up in 2-3 years, the similarity to the NSX will be even more so.

However, after 3 years of production, Honda has sold less NSXs than GM sold of ZR1s with just one year of production. Where did Honda miss? Starting MSRP of ~$160k with the average car priced around $180k with the popular options wasnít good. Still cheaper than the other ďsupercarĒ competition. But those other cars win the all important ego stroking competition of having more horsepower and/or someone like The Stig can lap it faster around a track than the NSX. The majority of people interested in the NSX would rather not have all the hybrid gear and just have a lighter more raw RWD car.

Well. That car exists. It costs over half a million dollars and isnít street legal. The GT3 race car version of the NSX is exactly that. Too bad Acura wonít do a road car of it.

Just 5 hours away from where they build the NSX, theyíll be rolling out the Chevy version soon enough. We got the 500hp (the NSXís power without the electric assist) RWD mid engine car after all. Just came from GM. For a lot less money. But that AWD hybrid Corvette will be along soon enough. Hopefully GM sees where Honda dropped the ball, and they execute their car much better. With a rumored number of close to 1000 total horsepower (just like Ferrariís new SF90), thatís an awful good starting point.