Good evening all,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you on this forum who worked so hard to keep this running in my absence. It has been hard to stay away and while I work very hard at my craft, some tried to take advantage.

I was under lawsuit due to my advice and after years of proving myself to courts and other entities, all legal actions against me are completed and I was vindicated.

I am now free of any cease and desist to advise on this forum or anyone else.

I apologize I could not advise people, explain my absence or otherwise.

I want you all to know I wanted to be here, to help people and make this forum the best TECHNICAL information site on the WWW for Corvette. And that is exactly what I intend to start doing.

And to that point, there is a HUGE THANK YOU TO ROB, our administrator known as 'Poltergeist" for keeping this going and doing what I could not the past 3 years.

HE IS THE MAN BEHIND THIS and without him, this would never have been possible.

Our moderators and myself will work very hard to keep this as simple, effective and accurate for all of our members.

So thank you, and I look forward to assisting all soon.

Professionally, Paul Koerner