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    When I turn key I hear a kind of ping like the starter is hitting the flywheel but does not turn and starter is not spinning. Waited a bit after trying several times and it started. Drove on Hwy for 20 minutes. Parked and went to start hour later and same thing. Got it home. Shut it off and restarted it 3 times. Came out next day and same thing won't engage just the one ping. 89 coupe
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    Have your battery load tested with a carbon pile tester to check it's health, even if new.

    The ping your hearing could be the solenoid contacts, when the problem is active have someone turn the key to crank in neutral or park and tap the starter hard with a heavy metal hammer (not a carpenter hammer, it's too light usually) and see if it starts. If it does the starter is bad. But don't forget to load test the battery.
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