After reading many articles and threads on various forums, I'm still not sure why my 2016, purchased new in July 2016 runs cooler than I expected. The car is a base A8 and there have been no modifications added.

On an average 82*F day the car will warm up in a normal amount of time to 180*F as shown on the coolant temp analog pocket gauge (Sport Mode) and the digital engine temp display (Tour Mode display). If I let it sit and idle a for a minute or two after driving temps will climb to the 190*-200* range. Once on the highway, at steady cruising speeds of 65-85 mph the engine runs at 170*-175*. If I push the car hard and drive aggressively it will climb to 200* or slightly higher, but cools down quickly to the 170-185* range once back to a steady speed. The car will run a little hotter if outside temps climb in to the 90's.

The car is quick and runs great. Gas mileage is very good averaging 29 mpg on road trips and an avg of 22 mpg combined and have never had mechanical problems of any kind so I'm not interested in fixing what's not broke. Just curious if this is normal. If I didn't know the for certain the car hasn't been modified I'd think it has a 180* thermostat in it.

Is anyone else running these temps? Thanks for any replies.