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Thread: C6 GS Instrument Cluster / HUD went dark / stopped working

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    Default C6 GS Instrument Cluster / HUD went dark / stopped working

    I just put my 2012 Grand Sport on the road from winter hibernation. It started right up and ran fine. Gauge cluster and HUD worked normal. Took it on the road and about 1 mile into drive it went dark and dose not work at all. It was about the same time as I was testing the temperature controls. I looked up the fuse location and it tests good. No indication of any mouse activity in or under car. Any ideas????

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    Hi there,

    I have seen a few clusters go bad with the electrical connectors and fuse panel voltage supply.

    Are you still having an issue??

    Allthebest, Paul
    GM World Class Certified Service Technician.
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