I have a 2000 hard top. I found an unused, small two-wire female electrical connector in the trunk behind the carpet on the passenger side quarter panel. It has small orange and black wires leading into it. I wanted to install some LED lights back there and thought that this connector might be a good source of power for that. I wanted to see if it was hot so I got my mutimeter out and while attempting to put the probes into the connector momentarily crossed them. Unfortunately, I found that it was hot by seeing a small spark. I thought that I might have blown a fuse so I went to the inside electrical center. When I opened the door I noticed that the courtesy lights now did not work. I checked every fuse in both electrical centers but they are all intact. The diagram on the cover shows micro relay 42 marked ad "CTSY LP" which I assume means courtesy lamp. Is it possible that I killed that relay? What else could be the problem?