Hi Supertechs,

My C5 coupe is now at 122,000 miles, and has been running well for many years. I did an errand this afternoon and while at the retailer, I st the parking brake as per usual. When I got home a few minutes and 4 miles later, I pulled on the emergency brake, and it had no resistance, i.e. went all the way up, and I knew I had nothing. To make sure I pulled out on my driveway, which is about 150 ft. long and slightly pitched. I took it to the top of the hill and coasted and tried to stop the car with the handbrake, also to adjust, as I was coasting in reverse. Nothing.

The service brake is fine so I brought it back to the garage and parked it in first.

What is the first thing to check, second, etc. The service manual is a bit intimidating as far as the possibilities... The good news is that I'm retired and have a lot of time to attack it, the bad is that it's freaking cold in January in the Boston area!

Thanks for any advice!

Best always,