2012 C6 Z06
21,000 miles

About 2 years ago I did heads, cam, long tube headers, exhaust. This vehicle is also equipped with Selective Ride Control. I removed the factory shocks and installed Coilovers. Simulators were installed in place of the factory shocks. Also used the Tech2 to unselect the F55 option in BCM set-up. Everything worked fine until about a month ago.

Here are the codes I am getting:

ABS C0561 Symptom 71
Using the Tech2 I can go into TCS data.
Requested Torque stays at 100%
Delivered Torque stays at 0%

I compared these values to a 2009 all stock C6 Z06. The stock values are Requested 100%, Delivered fluctuates between 9-11%.

When the C0561 code is set I can go into EBCM/Signal Data I am getting 2 Invalid Torque signals. I cleared the codes and the Torque data stays at 0% and 100% and the code has not reset.

These are the other codes that were set when the car came back yesterday.

C0561 Symptom 71 ABS
P0300 ECM
U1040 Cluster
U1017 Air Bag
B1420 Device Voltage
U1017 Drivers Door Module
B2861 Undocumented code
U1040 ABS

The description on the "U" codes are loss of communication with ECM.

The battery is 6 months old and tests good. Terminals are clean and tight. I went over the main ground on the frame, engine block and front frame rails. All are clean and tight. Checked the positive wires at starter and fuse box. I cleared all the codes, drove it 5 miles and no DTC's yet.

Any thoughts?