I have a 94 C4 6 speed Coupe. It has died twice now, today being the second time. The first time it died I had driven it 3 miles to the store. When I tried to start it, it kind of bucked and died. After that I could get it running with a lot of cranking. It would idle but I couldn't give it any gas. It felt like it was fuel starvation. I had to get trucked home. When I had time to work on it (about a week later) my first thought was to put a fuel pressure gauge on it and check the pressure. With the key on I had a reading of 40 lbs. Hmmmm. It started right up and ran fine. I checked for codes, no codes. I'm thinking WTF. I drove it once for about 10 miles with everything perfect. Today I drove it for about 50 miles. Everything was perfect. When I was driving up the hill where I live (a dirt road) i had to make a right turn onto my road and the ASR came on because a tire spun just a little. In about another 50 yards it died. I had enough speed and coasted into my garage. Any thoughts on this? Again, no check engine light. Opti is only a couple of years old, purchased from Petris.