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    I have a 94 C4 6 speed Coupe. It has died twice now, today being the second time. The first time it died I had driven it 3 miles to the store. When I tried to start it, it kind of bucked and died. After that I could get it running with a lot of cranking. It would idle but I couldn't give it any gas. It felt like it was fuel starvation. I had to get trucked home. When I had time to work on it (about a week later) my first thought was to put a fuel pressure gauge on it and check the pressure. With the key on I had a reading of 40 lbs. Hmmmm. It started right up and ran fine. I checked for codes, no codes. I'm thinking WTF. I drove it once for about 10 miles with everything perfect. Today I drove it for about 50 miles. Everything was perfect. When I was driving up the hill where I live (a dirt road) i had to make a right turn onto my road and the ASR came on because a tire spun just a little. In about another 50 yards it died. I had enough speed and coasted into my garage. Any thoughts on this? Again, no check engine light. Opti is only a couple of years old, purchased from Petris.

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    I suggest checking the fuel filter first. If I remember correctly, the filter can be a PITA to get to. I think it is high up on the frame, behind the RF tire. Be sure the car is fully cooled down, the cat needs to be cool also. Disconnect the negative battery cable and relieve the fuel pressure from the system before you start removing the filter. You can relieve the pressure two ways. Use the Schrader valve in the fuel line or pull the fuel pump fuse and run the car until the engine dies. There will be some gas spillage, so be careful and have something handy to wipe it up. I also recommend getting a set of line wrenches for this. Do an internet search for 94 C4 fuel filter replacement for any additional tips I'm not remembering here....
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