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Thread: Heads up display stopped working

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    My 02 C-5 gave off a funny smell like a circuit board burning and the HUD stopped working. All other gauges work fine and the DIC is working. I removed the speedometer cluster and did not see anything that looked burned. I am unable to find anyone that rebuilds the cluster. Any help?

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    Ok, the HUD is powered by a separate harness that plus in to the top of the dash under the dash cover. To get at the HUD stuff, you need to pull the dash cover, not the cluster. That being said, there is a known failure with the HUD on the c5s. With the car on, try seeing if you can see the HUD still illuminated from the outside of the car. Basically, you are looking for signs of the light blue light that you normally see on the windshield. If you can see any light, then the HUD is still working. As the HUD ages there is a plastic part that can break, dropping the image down to where it no longer displays normally. There are multiple on-line videos to repair this condition that are easy to find via google.
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