The headlights on my 2001 Coupe won't motor up. The gears in the headlight motors were replaced with brass ones less than a year ago - the motors should be good. The HL motor fuses (2) are good. When the HL switch is turned full on, the HLamps come on, they just don't motor up. The same thing happens with the Twilight control - lamps come On, but won't motor up. The HL's can be raised manually, no problem. Is this problem caused by the headlight control module? Is there an electrical test to confirm a bad module? When the stalk switch is clicked twice to full On, the HLamps do come on. Could the HL switch still be the problem by not sending voltage to the module or motors? Another symptom, before the full failure, when the HLamp switch was rotated one click to the Parking Lamp position, the HL's had been coming up with the lamps off. Moving the switch to the second click powered up the lamps. I this an early failure symptom from the HL control module?