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Thread: Just purchased 2016 Flood Corvette. Great deal. Where to start? It does crank!!

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    Default Just purchased 2016 Flood Corvette. Great deal. Where to start? It does crank!!

    I bought a flood 2016 Corvette from Texas and it was delivered this afternoon. Only 8k mi. The battery was dead, as always. I checked fluids, all good. No real signs of water. Jumped the Corvette with a jump box, it cranked right up, but it is in limp mode. Reduced power. Idles fine, radio is blank, dash is acting up, speedo is stuck at 160mph!! I've bought a few flood c5 Corvettes and replaced the BCM. I could re program those without any special tools. I am pretty comfortable with working on those. I can tell the C7 is already different. Is the BCM the culprit or where do I start? Also throwing crankshaft position sensor engine code. Thanks.

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    HI there,

    You have to start on the interior with the main modules as they are not weather resistant.

    It is more than just the BCM, you also have the modules in the rear, passenger side toe board and under the dash.

    I hope it has gone well for you.

    Allthebest, Paul
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    Yeah, start on the interior. Locate all modules inside and start inspecting.
    It was not sold as a flood car for no reason, water got in somewhere.

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