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Thread: On the road again, Interior mods

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    Cool On the road again, Interior mods

    Whew!! Getting my 2000 C5 back on the road. It was on jack-stands for almost 2 years so I took the time to take the interior apart and put it in my formal dining room to do some "mods". (no, I'm not married) Photos of what I came up with are attached. Now my main problem is solving the electrical issues, (codes) and actions I'm seeing. C1243 and C1255 among the current codes. I do get a number of others, history codes, that show up after driving the car, clearing the codes and they reappear again as history.

    But,.. Sgt Roy is hard at it and glad to be "on the road again!!"
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    Exhaust i guess caylx is used on both


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