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Thread: C5 Need to replace Syncros in 6 speed tranny how do i do it ?

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    Default C5 Need to replace Syncros in 6 speed tranny how do i do it ?

    Hello , i just bought a 1997 c5 manual tranny and the syncros is out of 2 gear can anyone advise me on how hard it is to pull tranny and replace syncros and any other problems i might have tearing this apart ? car has 165 K on it? Thak you Tod

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    It is a fairly involved job to just get the tranny out. I'm not sure on the particulars of the internals on these trannies, but you will likely need some specialty tools (like a press) to separate some things.

    For tranny removal, you need to remove the rear cradle assembly. To do that, the front assembly needs to be dropped also. Basically, you're nearly removing the entire powertrain in one "piece." It can be done with jacks, jack stands, and stuff in a garage, but it is much easier with a hoist. Try doing some Google searches for videos and stuff. I'd also invest in a set of Service Manuals for the car. This will give you all the specs and stuff you'll need.
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