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Thread: entering radio unlock code

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    Default entering radio unlock code

    Hi all, On my 01 vette, radio loc after the battery disconnect. I have the code which is 0170. I do not know how to enter the zeros with hr & mn buttons Help Please

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    Should explain how to do this in the owner’s manual.

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    This is from the '99 manual

    Enter your secret code as follows; pause no more than
    15 seconds between steps:
    1. Turn the ignition on. LOC will appear on the display.
    2. Press MN and 000 will appear on the display.
    3. Press MN again to make the last two digits agree
    with your code.
    4. Press HR to make the first one or two digits agree
    with your code.
    5. Press AM-FM after you have confirmed that the
    code matches the secret code you have written down.
    The display will show SEC, indicating the radio is
    now operable and secure.
    If you enter the wrong code eight times, INOP will
    appear on the display. You will have to wait an hour
    with the ignition on before you can try again. When you
    try again, you will only have three chances to enter the
    correct code before INOP appears.
    If you lose or forget your code, contact your dealer.

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