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Thread: Hydraulic jacks

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    Angry Hydraulic jacks

    Are there any way to service these new jacks that are constantly leaking? This label on most pump jacks do not adjust why?

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    What doesn't adjust?

    You could probably service them if you could find the parts, but jacks are so cheap I doubt it would be worth while.
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    On most jacks it says do not adjust were the fill valve is for fluid

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    just bought a new one for the c4 and that will not hold the load for more than ten minutes. It cost me $20.00 The other five i have one for $200.00 holds the load over night. I am buying a Kwik Lift ,roll the car up on the ramps and work on it and you can use it to park the vette or the Rolls

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    If I'm using a jack, I'm using a jack stand as well. But, I bought a low profile AC Hydraulic jack about 15 years ago and it's going strong. It's pricey, but worth it, IMHO.

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    Just bought a ac Delco two ton from reilys for 23 dollars and it works perfect. Harbor freights jack did not have oil in it . Told clerk and she said so what. Thats why we have to support the auto part stores!

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