I had planned to swap motors with the passenger seat for the fwd/back of the memory seat, after realizing that the motor would stop, at any time, either by memory module or the driver pressing the fwd. button on the side of the seat. When I got into it, I found that all three motors were hard wired together, not by plug ins, and that it was going to be a likely hack job to transfer the motors even if the parts were close, side to side.

I had read a thread on "Digital Corvettes" about a C5 owner taking apart the potentiometer on one end of the front mounted fwd/back motor, cleaning the track of the contacts in the poteniometer and re-lubing them. This owner had good success doing this, so seeing I was running out of time today going after the motor swap idea, I cleaned the contact tracks, and contact spring follower, and re-lubed with dialectic grease.

Put it all back and pressed the fwd seat button- and the seat moved from the all the way back position, all the way to max fwd-without stopping! - This was looking good. Got in and programmed a new setting for the seat track travel, and bingo, worked like a charm.

So don't always think it's module issue - it could just be a dirty resistance meter.