I took ownership of the car from my father 3 years ago who is original owner and car has had no previous major issues, car has 110,000 miles on it.

simple issue #1 - the elbow connector that comes our of firewall in front of windshield for wiper fluid is broke and I cant find one anywhere??

now the fun stuff - Traction control system sometimes when I start car it says its warming up and sometimes it doesn't? Ill be driving along and all of a sudden it comes on??

cigarrete lighter and outlet in console not working - checked fuse and all is good there, why are both not working and fuse good?

Other small issues to mess with due to normal wear and tear
seat controls and side panels of seats broken from my fat butt climbing in and out
radio gets crappy / weak signal and lots of static. don't want to go after market as I would like to keep car original

That's allot for a first time poster I know but I finally decided to start looking around for help and get these issues fixed.