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Thread: 93 corvette rough idle and missing

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    Default 93 corvette rough idle and missing

    Replaced optispark, sparkplugs and wires, water pump, IAC, cleaned EGR checked for other vacuum leaks. Wondering if the o2 sensors could be at fault. Seems to be worse when you put the car into gear. Could the ignition control module be at fault. Have somewhere around 37 lbs of fuel pressure at Schrader valve with the key on. Could use some more ideas as to what to check. Also sent the ECM to A-1 Cardone to be remanufactured was having a start no start problem which is not there since they worked on it.

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    Sample your gas Check fuel preassure at schrader valve, should be steady. What kind of opti if it was not Gm or MSD good luck Did you use blue loctite on rotor screws?

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