My clutch just started slipping this past weekend. First noticed when accelerating to get on the highway in fourth gear. RPM elevated then settles down. 90K miles, have it two years, I am a weekend driver and not very aggressive/spirited--but do not known the history. when on my sloped driveway in fourth gear with engine off--it slowly inches down the driveway--also tried in 5th and 6th --same. 1st seems to hold better. I want to get it fixed before any further damage.

Doing research online --there is much on this subject & controversy on the options. Most recommended solution --replace dual mass flywheel (DMF) and clutch at the same time. But the DMF is not longer in production, hard to fine and if you do find one north of $900.00. The DMF should NOT be re-surfaced. there are conversion kits but proper selection for my use would be to get a heavy one and not a lightweight aluminum used for drag racing. The dampening benefit of the DMF clearly reduces vibration and chatter. In speaking with my trans mechanic--one suggestion that I am leaning toward is to first have him inspect the existing DMF for burnt sections and cracks, and if okay --lightly smooth it out and NOT replace it and just do everything else. For the weekend good weather driver non aggressive driver that I am -- I am leaning toward hoping the existing DMF is in good shape and just do the clutch work. What are your thoughts on a Single Mass Flywheel and where can I get a "heavy one." Any and all insights welcome.