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Thread: 1979 corvette 1/2 shafts

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    Default 1979 corvette 1/2 shafts

    What all has to be removed to get the 1/2 shafts out of a 79 vette. Need to change u joints.

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    HI there,

    Everything, , , , , , , LMAO

    Seriously, normally I can take out the lower camber link and stabilizer bar end link, disconnect ujoint caps and I can get it out.

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    Was told almost everything. Looks like you can just unbolt and wiggle the 1/2 shafts out. Thanks I'll get after them

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    You will probably have to disconnect the strut rods at one end. Preferable the outer end if you can so that you don't change the alignment. If you have a sway bar, you will have to disconnect that. That should get you enough play to get the half shaft out after its unbolted. While you've got it apart make sure you check the end play in the output yokes at the differential. This is a high wear area on C2 and C3 cars and they commonly require replacement.

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