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Thread: 2006 C6 Auto - electrical issue - can't find cause

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    Default List of codes

    Quote Originally Posted by c4c5specialist View Post
    Hi there,

    I am not trying to be rude but take a look at my first response. You have been mislead again and again.

    I stood by my comments then, and I do now.

    You will need to list every single control module, with every single code that was listed.

    if I do NOT HAVE COMPLETE INFORMATION, I cannot possibly guide you to a root cause.

    Allthebest, Paul
    ok, I was able to get the following information. The tech has been working with a GM Engineer who has instructed the tech to check an area (I don't have details on that) which looked good to the tech. The Engineer is reviewing the schematics to figure out what's going on, and we should have more information Monday.

    2006 black corvette vin 1G1YY26U165130729
    Case # 71-1473791394
    Intermittent loss of class 2 , all modules go down and come back up . after 80 miles one occurrence.
    Sir u1300
    Radio u1300
    Pdm u1017
    Pdm u1164
    Pdm u1153
    Pdm u1024
    Pdm u1096
    Pdm u1064
    Ddm u1017
    Ddm u1164
    Ddm U1153
    Ddm U1024
    Ddm U1096
    Ddm u1064
    Vcim u1128
    Vcim u1017
    Vcim u1064
    Vcim u1088
    Vcim U1300
    Rcdlr U1164
    Rcdlr u1064
    Rcdlr u1024
    Rcdlr u1017
    Nav rad u1300
    Ipc u1300
    Hvac U1300
    Hud u1300
    Dpm U1017
    Dpm u1064
    Dpm u1305
    Drr u1064
    Drr u1300
    Bcm u1088 00
    Bcm u1096 00
    Bcm U1153 00
    Bcm u1193 00
    Bcm u1305 00
    Vcim b2470

    Paul Patane
    Corvette Specialist
    GM & ASE Master Technician

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    I have not been able to get a copy of the email from GM giving direction as of yet, but I have a question. With all the codes listed above, could this be caused by the headlight recall not having been done correctly??? There are hundreds of connections inside that fuse box where the recall 'fix' is located. I asked the current dealer if they could get an OK from GM to redo the recall - help!

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    HI there,

    The codes tell you a lot. But I would say anything is possible at this point. The positive terminal may not have been torqued correctly at the fuse block, the battery cables may not be torqued correctly, who knows???

    My biggest clue is U1300, as this code IS FOR THE CLASS 2 data communications voltage being low. That would tell me that something is shorting the communications line out.

    Im starting with battery power and ground source testing of every single module associated with Class 2 communications.

    U1305 also shows both conditions, high voltage and low voltage.

    I am convinced more than ever that you are dealing with a electrical source issue, NOT an actual module issue.

    However, only accurate diagnostic testing will determine this.

    Allthebest, Paul
    GM World Class Certified Service Technician.
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    Ok, what was the final diagnosis/fix????

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    Default update on electrical issue

    Quote Originally Posted by chief253 View Post
    Ok, what was the final diagnosis/fix????
    I gave up and traded the car in for a new Scion FR-S (yes, I know). I didn't want to sell the car to someone so the only option was to trade the car in. I took a loss, about $3K. That's life. I want another one, only next time, with an extended warranty. Also, I am convinced (just a gut feeling) that the headlight recall service was not done correctly. I believe that, that was the root cause.

    Sami K

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