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Thread: A/C blows cold on drivers side and hot air on passenger side???

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    Default A/C blows cold on drivers side and hot air on passenger side???

    Like title says when I turn A/C on, it blows cold air on Drivers Side and Hot air on Passenger side???? It makes no difference if I move the temp for passenger side, and it makes no difference floor vent or dash vent??? Where do I start looking to fix this? '98 Convertible

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    Pull the diagnostic code(s). You will probably have one for the right temperature actuator, which is defective. The code for the RH actuator is B0446HC (C = current defect). Several years ago this actuator malfunctioned on my 1999 C5 coupe. The entire top dash pad and numerous other parts have to be removed to replace the actuator. It is very involved. GM used very cheap, poor quality actuators.

    You may want to try a recalibration of the HVAC temperature actuators. Remove mini fuse #27 in the electrical center in the passenger foot well. Wait one or two minutes and reinstall the fuse. Start the motor and the HVAC system will conduct a recalibration of the actuators - which takes one or two minutes. If this does not help - I suspect you have a bad actuator. Good luck.

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    Thanks for this tip! I was getting "actuator out of range" codes for both sides. Using the fuse tip seems to have worked; no more actuator codes on my 2000 hard top.

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