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Thread: Ignition replaced.....dtc's and electrical issue are finally gone!!

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    Default Ignition replaced.....dtc's and electrical issue are finally gone!!

    I'm sharing this today on this forum to let everyone know how I finally fixed all the electrical gremlins in my '98 A4 coupe w/81K miles on the clock.

    Beginning in early 2012, I started getting the following DTC's on a consistent basis, which left my car without the HVAC and F45 electronic suspension well as ABS and Traction Control warning lites on the dash display. It didn't happen all the time at first, but became worse and worse....the problems would come and go, then the functions quit completely last summer.

    These were the codes from my DIC:

    10 PCM








    For over a year, I've been studying my GM service manuals, reading a post on another forum and asking every C5 owner at car shows if they had similar issues with their cars. I definitely learned the most from a post started by Bill Curlee on the CF. Finally this spring I talk to an owner who said his HVAC quit on him and he changed the ignition which fixed it. I also had a local non-dealer technician try to diagnose my issues but all he recommended after 1.5 hours of labor with my assistance, was to r/r the EBTCM and BCM. I was not comfortable with that nor just throwing money and parts at my car without really knowing.... so I kept researching.

    Then a week ago, I read a post from Tom (Hapiduffer) on the CF and Tom's issues sounded like my problems, but instead of cleaning the ignition contacts as described by Bill Curlee that Tom did, I opted to just buy a new unit....from AutoZone for $89. I still wasn't very confident in doing this repair so I PM'd Tom and he called me within a couple of hours and convinced me I could DO IT! I'm 69 with bad knees but with a lot of mechanical experience, and have always done my own service on my Vettes and Blazer but I was sure nervous about this ignition repair and not knowing if it would really fix my issues. So finally...last Saturday I gathered up all my notes, ignition pics (inc.instructions from Vette Essentials) to r/r the console and IP center trim.... and headed out to my garage and disconnected the neg. battery terminal...and spent about 3 hours on this project. I took my sweet time so as to not break plastic parts and probably spent most of the first 1.5 hour learning the removal technique for each of the electrical connectors that had to be taken apart. Seems each one had a different method of removal...well maybe not, but it sure seemed like it! Once I actually got to the ignition, it was easy from there on, and I had it replaced and all the trim pieces carefully back together in 30-45min. I reconnected the neg. battery cable and started my car...praying it would be back to normal again.....and it was!! I think I was actually surprised to NOT see that damn ABS and TC warning lite not ON, but to see my climate control HVAC temp reading again was the best thing since my a/c etc had not worked for over a year. After several test drives over the weekend, everything worked like a champ and it feels like I've got a brand new C5 again. What a great feeling and relief that it's normal again.

    fyi....I took apart my old ignition and 2 of the 5 contacts were quite burnt or corroded.....just like the points in my old '56 Chevy distributor used to look like. I'll clean them and re-arch the tension in the spring arms and just keep it as a back up for now.

    If I can can too.

    Just sharing with all of you who may have similar issues with your C5's.

    Be well....

    IGN 4 SWITCH KEY.jpg
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