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09-10-2010, 06:56 AM
one of the facts of life is that high performance cars tend to break down
and its rarely sitting in your driveway when it does and youll rarely have the correct tools and parts with you so getting it back to your garage usually includes towing charges UNLESS you own a car trailer, now obviously you can buy one but if your skilled and own a welder you can usually build a nice one for less than 60% of the normal cost.

before you go paying big bucks for a new car trailer, take the time to visit craigs list, and your local bargain trader magazines, on occasion you can find lightly used car trailers at outstanding prices, one of my friends, recently got a screaming deal, from a guy that moved from Wisconsin to Florida, and he towed his old non running car down here, the guy had purchased a lightly used almost new trailer for the trip and had no place to store it at his new house so he sold it for the same $800 he paid for it, and was thrilled that in effect he towed his car down here for zero vs the cost of shipping his car that he had been quoted.

most of these trailers below show obvious age,& use, but if you know the price of the new trailers and shop carefully you'll be amazed at the deals you can get occasionally, remember people move, lose jobs, change hobby's etc. so theres a constant source of new trailers on the market, just don,t get into a huge rush to buy one, wait for that good deal, and get a trailer a bit larger than the minimum, because you don,t know what YOUR future projects will be!
pay close attention to the condition of the tires and VERIFY the TITLE and OWNERSHIP, look for rust, indications of abuse or accidents, and be sure the trailers in good condition, you don,t need to buy the first or even any trailer until you find a BARGAIN meeting YOUR NEEDS at a GREAT PRICE! it would be foolish to pay more than 70% of the cost of a new trailer for the identical used trailer so shop new trailer first and take notes, look around then shop both new and used trailers until you get a good grasp on the market


heres a quick selection from todays list

09-10-2010, 10:42 AM
Good advice as always Grump!

I can't stress enough that you need to do your homework on the title and ownership BEFORE you buy. Check the laws on trailers in your jurisdiction before you start looking as well. Some states allow for "homebuilt" trailers, but they are limited in size and GVWR. Some folks here in TX, for example, try to use this "loophole" to register a trailer that they don't have clear title to. Some folks have even gotten real sneaky about it and intentionally scuffed up the trailer/reworked it to make it look more homemade. A quick check fo the welds can give you a clue, though. A manufactured trailer's welds will look different than ones done at home. Just because you see a current license plate on it, does not mean everything is OK.

Another issue to be aware of when buying something from Craig's List or similar. Make sure you get the title up front. I know some folks that bought a Packard this way and are having problems getting the car registered here in TX. The owner was supposed to send the title in the glovebox in the car. Well, they paid for the car and accepted delivery of it, but no title. Now the previous owner is ducking them, so they don't have a title to the car. The state the car came from has a serious backlog issue for replacement titles (like five year's, or maybe never). Needless to say, they are pretty upset right now.

A manufactured trailer will have a VIN somewhere. If the welds and stuff make it a manufactured trailer and you can't find a VIN, then stay away from it. If you copy down the VIN before you buy, most local cops will run it for you to verify it isn't stolen or listed as "salvaged." Easy insurance before you plunk down $$$. If a seller won't give you the VIN and/or balks at you checking it out before you agree to buy it, then run away.

I hate to sound all gloom and doom here, but there are a lot of hot trailers/scams with trailers going on out there.....