View Full Version : infrared temp gun, these come in handy

11-15-2008, 06:31 PM

heres the one I use...(ABOVE)...now ILL grant you , that you can buy a whole lot cheaper tool for checking tires, but I use mine basically for reading header temps, to detect mixture or ignition problems or missing cylinders and you may not want to spend the money,
heres a cheap one (below)


heres a far better one but still less expensive



IVE used this one for several years, with good results, keep in mind you need to have about a 1400F upper range to test exhaust temp in headers
I have several friends that bought one after seeing how useful they are at tracking down and isolating problems

at times they are WELL WORTH THE MONEY in lowering the time and effort required in diagnoseing problems, and yeah! you do get what you PAID FOR in the better models