View Full Version : need a hurricane emergency power generator?

09-08-2008, 08:05 AM
if your in one of the areas where hurricanes are a problem, and need a generator its a great time to add to your shop tools, they build good welders that are also good emergency generators
I went thru several hurricanes with a portable back-up generator/welder like this (notice the shop welder/generator cost less than 10%) of what the wife wanted installed below...


it works great as both a shop welder and a generator, btw with the correct options you can TIG weld or ARC weld with it, its a GREAT TOOL!! but its noisy and requires you fill the 5 gallon tank and add a bit of oil every 8-9 hours,the wife loved the power but hated the noise...I was happy she was not..

my local power company had package deals available , I got the price for my generator as a special order from home depot,and it was about 22K alone, the power company wanted $35k to do a package deal,on a similar but cheaper version and a much smaller fuel tank,(I probably would have got cheaper components from them than I did picking parts individually)but I paid over $40k when I was all installed...btw its a large v6 auto engine spinning the generator

Ive got a 45 K watt generator ,with aluminum housing (thats important as RUST is a big problem in florida)that cost a good bit,keep in mind the electrical hook up and permits and the cng/propane tank install,and permits filling it with 2000cf of gas and building a 8' x 6' 8" thick concrete mount pad and permits cost almost as much as the generator alone


that being said, its nice to have near instant reserve/replacement power durring any power loss, you can barely hear it run and it comes on within 45 seconds of the power dropping off, keep in mind IM out in the sticks and it usually took 2 weeks to get power restored and women don,t like camping out and eating bar-b-q or packaged food for every meal for two weeks

thrust me I was happy with the welder/generator, Id paid $2500 for ,it was 100% the wifes idea to get a full blown near instant reserve power generator that allows everything in the house to run normally durring extended power outages...at that time I could afford it, so we figured it added to the house value and we got it to keep her happy, I don,t regret it,(keeping the wife happy) but I fully aggree that it was overly expensive