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  1. Priceless
  2. Funny Video: When Wives Wont Listen
  3. Did You Say S&M ?????
  4. Hog Hunting
  5. A blond calls her boyfriend
  6. One word
  7. Payback
  8. Your life summed up......
  9. Girl Scouts
  10. 2 funniest stickers from SEMA
  11. My favorite dog
  12. Toyota now building lawm mowers
  13. Husband of the Year awards
  15. 52,000 Mazda6 sedans recalled over... fear of spiders?!
  16. Marrying a Jersey Girl
  17. 17-year-old pistol-whipping honor roll student wants Nissan – Click above to watch vi
  18. Another Blonde Joke
  19. Onions please read to the end: Important
  20. White House releases Obama birth certificate
  21. Donald Trump Drops F-Bombs, Calls Leaders 'Stupid' in Vegas Stop
  22. (video) camel eats reporters hair! (for real)
  23. Turtle dives off ledge at golf tournament
  24. My Dogs
  25. Response Time in El Paso , Texas
  26. The Car Show with Adam Carolla: First impressions Tune in 10 pm EST! Wednesday night
  27. Drinking with a Florida Girl
  28. Man Awakens In Morgue
  29. Dear congress
  30. Chinese Wedding Night
  31. Schweddy Balls. Too funny
  32. A blonde calls an airline and asks....
  33. Q: What is an australian kiss?
  34. Divorce court
  35. Surgery.......
  36. detectives..........
  37. Lion Tamer
  38. Goverment investigates rancher!
  39. Bus trip
  40. Spiders
  41. bathing suit
  42. How I Learned To Mind My Own Business
  43. Hearing Aid!
  44. Rabbi loses bike.......
  45. Attention Men, your life may depend on it
  46. Renault and Ford have joined forces to create the perfect small car for women. Mixing
  47. This is modern man's version of war. We must win. You can't go home at 5 and check
  48. Gamer found dead in internet cafe… nine hours later
  49. And we still get married.
  50. The perfect husband
  51. The wife left a note on the fridge:
  52. Divorced Barbie
  53. MSN's just chosen the 5 weirdest dogs and my dogs number one on this video list! UGH!
  54. Top ten reasons why men prefer guns to women
  55. Gay Marriage and POT
  56. Pfizer Announcement
  57. Be well my froends. Try and get out an vote for who ever you prefer.
  58. Git the covid 19 johnson and johnson shot today..