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  1. 2020 Corvette, READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST
  2. Fuel gauge tsb
  3. Z51 rear spoiler removal tips TSB to install high wing 20-NA-133
  4. Front trunk release might be causing hood to open wide while driving?
  5. V8 oil changes
  6. Spotted this youtube video on adding two quarts to dct transmission wi5out disassembl
  7. C8 DCT production to move from michigan to canada. 109 million investment
  8. Anybody hear about the HatC rear windown not closing problem? Any suggestions?
  9. Front Lift Leaking in Front trunk
  10. Anybody know a good world class gm corvette tech in florida? Dealership
  11. Tires rubbing when using front lift.
  12. Additional 2 Quarts for DCT
  13. Do you need to perform a hydraulic system flush when replacing the DCT filter?
  14. C8 DCT filter change - fluid top off required?
  15. Stopping in to say hello guys! Update on the c8