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  1. C7 will have 470hp or 450hp from the base engine? Take a guess!
  2. XP 819 to be shown next march! Possibly to lead off the C8??
  3. Lets play Price the New C7
  4. New C7 to be better performing than C6 in all aspects per Bob Lutz!
  5. C7 caught testing....new photos..worth a look see for sure.
  6. Best C7 photo to date...this is smoking hot!! Get ready to pine for the new corvette!
  7. Summary of Current Sentiment
  8. New C7 video from........
  9. this is what I expect from the upcoming C7 and C7 ZR1
  10. Gm figures out spot welding aluminum
  11. c7 photos and news
  12. Corvette C7 photograph of the rump!
  13. Official crossed flags c7 emblem released and offical full release set for Jan 13Th!
  14. 2014 C7 Chevrolet Corvette Interior Spotted Again!
  15. What will we hear about the C7 engine tomorrow??
  16. So...Will the C7 be the 70th Anniv. Corvette?
  17. C7 2014 LT1 engine information breaks cover! Minimum 450hp 450 lb ft tq
  18. Photos of c7 convertible running with 911! LOL
  19. Autoextremist #674:Mind Manipulation: Nothing will be the same.
  20. New C7 Trailer with Team Member Kirk Bennion Talking About Form Follows Function
  21. Aisin 8 speed automatic in a Corvette, I think not
  22. car and driver releases its January 2013 cover with the C7 on it yet again...U like?
  23. 2014 Corvette rumors, what do you think???? Here is what we have seen so far
  24. First 2014 Chevrolet Corvette to be auctioned at Barrett-Jackson for charity?
  25. Lt1 information, right from the source!
  26. Corvette will hog the spotlight at Detroit auto show
  27. Funny video to watch about the german reaction to the news of the C7!
  28. Corvette C7 leaked on cover of Automobile
  29. C7 show car will be red
  30. C7 show!
  31. REconfigurable dash! WOW cool video..check it out for the new c7..Race mode rocks!
  32. 2014 Chevy Corvette: What People Are Saying
  33. Excellent article on C7 from car and driver March issue! Link
  34. Corvette high performance models engines move production from Wixom to BG..
  35. C7 toy
  36. holly crap....not dated in my opinion!
  37. new C7 video worth watching!
  38. First C7 crash
  39. Cool GM weight target article 3000 lbs stated paragraph 3
  40. Is this the photo of the non carbon fiber interior for the c7 or just a mule?
  41. C7 convertible photos
  42. Interesting c7 carbon fiber composite info
  43. C7 in the driveway
  44. The Piston Head perspective on the new C7! Stars and Stripes w/suprisingly positive
  45. 475 hp is THE HP NUMBER FOR THE C7
  46. Birthday bash info
  47. 1lt competition seats..do they get adjustable side bolsters?
  48. C7 pricing info
  49. Difference btwn 1LT and 2LT theft deterrent?
  50. GM C7 videos
  51. Am I Clairvoyant?
  52. Viper retakes fastest Laguna Production Laptime, BUT...
  53. Great autoline.tv Podcast entitled THE BIG SMALL BLOCK with GM's Mr. LEE! Watch this!
  54. GEN 5 LT1 kicks major butt at 460 HP
  55. Black wheels or not?
  56. Now that we know the stingray makes 460 hp and 465 lb ft of tq....
  57. Must be a very special paint
  58. 2014 LT1 Chevrolet Corvette LT1 engine produces 465 lb-ft, 460hp
  59. C7 track test numbers are up!
  60. A new Corvette transmission coming
  61. Powerful and fuel efficient 29 mpg highway
  62. Which do you like better in this new video...the black or silver black rear of the c7
  63. 10 awesome things you may not know about the c7
  64. Forbes chooses c7 as......
  65. Now 7 things you might not have known about the c7
  66. Motor Trend c7 test released!
  67. Edmunds checks in with their road test of the new c7!
  68. Car and driver test report of the new c7!
  69. Automobile magazine checks in with the c7 review!
  70. A cool review especially for John and Donna on the new c7
  71. Auto weeks awesome review is in!
  72. Automobiles insanely cool video
  73. The new standard 52 grand c7 is hardly stripped
  74. Popular mechanics says c7 fixes all shortcomings
  75. Compare c7 performance to c5 and c6 by motor trend..interesting read
  76. Hot rod magazines test of the new c7 and....
  77. Leno & Welburn review c7
  78. Jalopy nicks cool review of the c7 surprises
  79. Stingray versus Nissan GTR premium track edition
  80. what is this microphone for?
  81. Cool sport tach detail
  82. Suspension details w/pics
  83. Motor trend round table discussion on c7
  84. Corvette car and driver articles in one place
  85. Road&Track Tony Steward review awesome lime rock green c7 photos too
  86. How to video in the c7 installation of carbon fiber roof..
  87. Possibles direction on future automatic DCT transmission with convertor as well
  88. Corvette transmission info is interesting
  89. Interesting Wall Street article says whose buying
  90. New corvette Mag "21st century Design
  91. Excellent Motor Authority Review of the C7
  92. excellent video from autoguide on the new C7 on the road!
  93. Consolidated c7 reviews.....pick your favorite.
  94. High performance c7 tire size releases as rumors grow
  95. C7 a6 review that sounds amazing...
  96. C7 Z07/6 from car and driver today
  97. Road and track drives each corvette generation and compares
  98. Ditch the cameo as shown here and you will see just about a c7 z06/7 so says R&T
  99. Data bolts...what is this?.
  100. Owners Manual !
  101. Beta version of Stingray configurator goes online.
  102. Not Really a Rumor....
  103. C7 a6 automatic EPA numbers in!
  104. C7 Shipping Today!
  105. C7 z07 said to have 4.5 liter twin turbo v8
  106. 7 speed DCT parent from GM
  107. Motor trends comparison c7 vs Ferrari f12 vs 911S video
  108. Car and drivers new c7 vs 911!
  109. Two out of five Corvette Stingray owners going manual
  110. How It Works videos
  111. Stingray Pictures From the Texas State Fair
  112. Stingray Test Drive
  113. Stock stingray runs 11s at over 119 mph in jersey, SEE BELOW
  114. Seats , an inside view
  115. Photos of c7 z06
  116. Autoblog review of c7 and motor trend car of the year rumor is....
  117. Save the date... Nov 7th Tadge Juncther on autoline.tv 6 pm great show!
  118. Chevy brings a trio of Special stingrays to Sema!
  119. Corvettes at SEMA 2013
  120. Ask Tadge Juechter a question. Call 620 288 6546 b/f 6pm! tonight EST!
  121. ROAD & TRACK NAMES THE BEST CARS OF 2013 Best performance is the C7 Z51!
  122. Automobile magazines pick for "automobile of the year"
  123. Corvette chief Engineer target Juechter automobile magazine "Man of the year "
  124. Interesting piston review of the new C7! Avoiding death threats or the real deal
  125. Showdown: 2014 Corvette Stingray | Chevrolet
  126. C7 z06 to be released at detroit
  127. Worlds' First Turbo Corvette C7 Stingray
  128. Hennessy c7 over 200 - video
  129. Built in Video and Data Recorder in 2015 model
  130. Special Event Preceding Reveal of Corvette Z06 and C7.R
  131. Interweb news leak 620 hp and 650 lb/ft of tq
  132. Corvette z06 news embargo lifts at 12.01 tonight!
  133. 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is Most Capable, Ever
  134. C7versus 911 vs jaguar f type vs Audi R8 video and it's good! What do you think?
  135. C7 z51 without MRC compared to with MRC
  136. NPP Exhaust
  137. 2015 8 speed trans is coming
  138. Evos British video review of the c7 z51 m7.. Worth a watch. Enjoy!
  139. 8L90 additional information from GM
  140. New c7 z06 vert photos and I dig these rims . What do you think? Am I correct
  141. Corvette wins!
  142. Credit union members are now authorized to receive the full equivalent of the gm supp
  143. C7 new announced at birthday bash
  144. Two former sema corvettes hit the option list.
  145. Everything you wantd to knob out the ne gm 8 speed automatic and distinct improvement
  146. Jaguar f type versus c7 corvette convertible comparison .....both great cars
  147. ExxomMobil & Corvette press release
  148. C7 z06 brochure
  149. Official 650 hp for c7 z06 96% available at 2800rpm, 457 lb/ft at idle
  150. Corvette c7 sales says a lot
  151. Le Mans Corvette Live Stream
  152. British assholes at their finest with a review of the c7 z06
  153. Clarkson on the Stingray
  154. C7 z06 official information released
  155. Official corvette z06 weight is in and.......
  156. Verdict In! The new A8 is not your old slush box of yesteryear...this thing rocks!
  157. C7 z06 priced under 79 grand to start
  158. Jay Leno s show 8/31 on cnbc includes first drive of z06 worth watching or taping
  159. Car and driver lightning lap results....
  160. Corvette z06 Indepth
  161. For some fun...check out Aaron's review of the 2014 C7 corvette..I found it fun!
  162. This going to be your blood flowing. Z06 video at the RING!
  163. The zero to 60 mph is 2.95 with 8L90
  164. Check out this thread if you dig the c7 z06
  165. Road and tracks review of the 8 speed automatic c7 sounds impressive
  166. Stock c7 A8 11.3 @123 mph and another run traps 124 mph but at 11.5 et..
  167. Cool new c7 video
  168. C7 Z06 runs hard at road Atlanta video)
  169. When people ask why you love corvettes...show them this video...my favorite video eve
  170. Zora
  171. Freak in smokin hot c7 z06 photo
  172. Guess who won wards best engine award.....? LT1!
  173. Happy holidays
  174. Do you like the C7 Z06 Z07 or 1LZ package with smaller exterior spoilers? 95 grand!
  175. Cool 21 minute video Leno driving c7 z06 vert A8.. Cool video
  176. Road Atlanta video!
  177. Another interesting video of the z06 from Canada?
  178. Tadge answers questions on z06
  179. C7Z Nurburgring
  180. A8 c7 z06 video running 10s stock and traps 128 mph and other reports of traps @
  181. Michelin blames gm on cracked tires
  182. A question on a guys 2015 c7 A8...
  183. Sad Day for C7 in San Antonio
  184. Wasn't expecting it until July 6th
  185. Jackson Chevy in CT - Z51 1st Service questions
  186. Car and driver lightning lap results in for c7 z06 and hyper exotics
  187. C7 updates for 2016
  188. Corvette vs mustang gt350 and guess whose faster and which car car and driver chooses
  189. More c7 exterior colors going out of production
  190. 2017 corvette grand sport @ Geneva...see Instagram posting
  191. Road & Track comparison Cayman s vs M4 vs corvette C7 z51 . One is an assassin..guess
  192. C7 Grand Sport Info
  193. C7 6sp Automatic - Catastrophic Failure @ 15K miles (2014)
  194. Some New Info on 2017 ZO6
  195. 40k corvettes built for 2016...best number in over a decade..anybody know how many
  196. Mid engine corvette photos hit..looks like a c8 model instead of a ford GT competitor
  197. Seat Time in a New ZO6
  198. Winter Storage: To Fill or Not to Fill Fuel Tank
  199. Today 11/14 or 11/15 end of c7 production. Last one being built.